Saturday, 19 September 2009

Flying to toyland - (again!)

I am flying to Thailand on Saturday 26th September. Why? As a person who has made no secret of his recent dislike of the place it seems a strange destination. Well, it has to do with more permanent roots in England. My wife is in Thailand as I write with our children. I work full time so could not look after the girls hence they are with their mum. Why is my wife in Thailand? One word answer - visa.
Having lived for the last few months in England on a  tourist visa and quite liking the UK experience she decided to make the move more permanent. With this in mind she has applied for a visa granting leave to remain in the UK. They have been back in Thailand since July. To quote a line from 'Casablanca' - they wait, and wait, and wait. An appropriate quote because the speaker is describing people who need visas for America in Casablanca during the war and the difficulty of obtaining them.
It seems incredibly difficult to get a settlement visa for the UK. let's look at the situation: married to a British citizen for almost 10 years, mother of two British citizens, registered at the consular section in Bangkok, as indeed was the marriage. Educational qualifications include a BSc and an MBA. Some of the interview questions included "Have you any evidence that this is a long term relationship?"
The cost of this visa? 800 pounds - yes!! EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS. The waiting time? "for your benefit and convenience", about 16 weeks.
They wait, and wait, and wait...

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Bowornrat said...

Hi ya,
Waiting for visa is somehow quite nice. Babysister to look after the kids then I have got more time myself to do meditaition practice. My lovely husband realises himself that how family important to him and says "I love you my darling" to me about 50 times altogether in this 2 month we're being apart which is more than the past 9 years he ever said to me altogether....Hehehe...

We might be a small country but we're the great one too!!!!!!

May be that what the UK homeoffice try to tell me.

Lots of love to you darling,,, see you soon.