Saturday, 23 January 2010

Flying doctors - nearly

I approve of the idea behind the smart, well-equipped, all-terrain, NHS bikes to be seen around York. As a city that is well used to seeing 7% of its commutes made by bicycle, York has not heralded these life-savers as proudly as it might. The cyclists among you know that the quickest, and most predictable, way around a busy city is by bike. My own commute, to the language school I work at, takes me 17 minutes, rain or shine. By car or bus it has taken anything from 20 to 50 minutes.
Given those figures it makes sense that to get medical aid to a vehicle accident victim, a bicycle will probably be the quickest way. A great many hold-ups are accident linked anyway, so even more reason to use a bike to gain those vital few minutes that might make all the difference.
I for one applaud the introduction and will sleep sounder knowing that a fellow cyclist may one day come to my aid.

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