Sunday, 25 September 2011

The UK's prettiest power station?

The UK's prettiest power station? 
I would never equate pretty with power stations. To be reminded of their ugliness I need drive only a few miles south to see Drax coal-fired power station in South Yorkshire; a truly monstrous blot on the landscape. Necessary!, I hear you shout. Yes, of course, but let's have more of the type I saw in Wales this weekend.

Nestling on the valley floor under the shadow of Gallt y Wenallt, at 619m a foothill of its loftier neighbour Snowdon (1058m), is this delightful looking, slate built power station.

Hydro electricity has always struck me as eminently clean and suited to this country. Here, in Wales, we can see that it does not have to be intrusive at all. Surely not many people would object to something like this in their own back yard? I don't know how many of these would be needed to replace the power currently generated by Drax, but the price is worthwhile in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

I agree, it is much prettier and greener than Drax power-station.

Bangkok.Ian said...

I've just returned from Thailand and saw a mini-hydro power plant there. It was very unobtrusive, quiet and green. We enjoyed a lunch of steamed and grilled rainbow trout. They were delicious! Well to to EGAT the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand for a green resort and restaurant plus a good amount of power that doesn't hurt the Earth.