Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Zugspitze - top of Germany

The family recently had a well earned holiday in Germany and Austria. One of the places we had been told was a must see was the highest mountain in Germany - Der Zugspitze. The mountain is by no means the highest I've climbed, but it is certainly the most spectacular. The sense of exposure and vertigo inducing drops on all sides at the summit were truly awesome. Those who know me well will know that I don't use that adjective lightly and reserve it for places and experiences that really deserve it. The Zugspitze most certainly fitted that category.
That's me in the orange t-shirt. The photo was taken by my wife from the buildings near the summit across to the highest point. To reach the very top you need to use a via ferrata or iron stairway: very scary with no safety equipment and a pair of trainers!
 Once again the guy in the orange shirt with the blue rucksack is me. The drop from this point is about 1 kilometre straight down. You cannot tell from the picture but my legs were a bit wobbly here.
Reunited with my wife further down the mountain. A great day. I took a little piece of rock from the summit which I am going to mount on a plinth with a little plaque in German saying where it came from. Photos later. 

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