Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Oxford University Course

This week sees me embarking on another course with Oxford University, this is my fourth. This course does not carry any transferable credits but is a CPD or continuing professional development course. Don't you just hate TLAs?  A prize for the first reader to identify what a TLA is.
So, what is this course about? It's entitled Effective Online Tutoring. So far it looks great, based around Moodle; explore the link below if you'd like to know more about what that is. It uses blogs, wikis, VLEs (there's another one), and all manner of e-learning type tools. I figured it was time to update my knowledge in this area as the future is definitely along this path. Who knows, if I enjoy it I may pursue some postgraduate modules in e-learning. I've taken a peek at some blogs written by one of my old colleagues from the British Council and the content of these e-learning degrees interests me greatly. 
The best thing about this course though, is that the certificate will be in my name but the invoice will be in my employer's name. 

 Here is a link to the Moodle website  


Hirondelle said...

Hi Ian I sent this to you on FB but don't know how often you check so I thought I would paste it here too. :-)


I have to bring a friend to (virtual) school for the next 2 weeks. After reading you latest blog post I thought you may be interested.

The course is a bit experimental and run through this blog http://digitalculture-ed.net/ and twitter. Here is the link to the bring a friend segment: http://digitalculture-ed.net/?p=532#comment-151 It will start a week today. You could also post comments on my blog, and reflections on your blog or if you prefer I can host anything you write on my blog.

If you are interested give me ur email address and I will send you the readings.


liliya said...

Have you mentioned Three Letters Abbreviations recently? ;-)

Bangkok.Ian said...

Well done Liliya, a prize for you is winging its way through the ether to you as I write.