Sunday, 18 October 2009

Season of mellow fruitfulness

England is a lovely place! I had forgotten the smells of autumn, the colours of  deciduous leaves and the sounds of dried leaves underfoot. I watched my girls playing in dried leaves today; throwing them up and laughing as they fell all around them. Clad in warm jackets, scarves, hats and gloves; so different from Thailand, where I swear it was hotter when I left than the day I arrived. We bought pumpkins on the way home to carve into lanterns.  I'm very glad to be back again in England.


PG said...

There is nothing like an English autumn. Nothing. For me it is the light (as captured in your picture) which tops the list.

Mandy Pandy said...

I don't care about light. smells or colours. I like haloween because I get to eat most of the sweets from trick or treating. I hope you like this comment by Ian's daughter.