Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Doing some study in London

Right now I'm doing a diploma in teaching English to adults (DELTA), specialising in teaching academic English, at International House, Covent Garden, London. Hard work but I hope it will make me more employable and enable me to break into teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

I'm living in Kilburn, an area popular with the Irish so there are lots of 'genuine' Irish pubs.
On Saturday night I went out with my landlady to a bar called The Castle in neighbouring Cricklewood to see an Irish band called the Wolfe Tones. As I like folk music it was a good night for tunes: the lyrics however were a little too 'rebel based' for me. For example we sang along to 'The rifles of the IRA', and the words of another went like this:
'The devil is dead, the devil is dead and he's buried in Kilarney, others say he rose again and joined the British army.'

Never a dull moment in London.


tropicalrob said...

Hi Ian,

How's it going with the DELTA? You're saving valuable time by doing it intensively. I won't finish my Trinity Diploma till about July. Mind you, the slower pace enables one to stop and savour the flowers by the roadside, so to speak. Maybe even makes it more enjoyable - if that's possible!

Anyway, good luck there and keep enjoying those Irish pubs!


Phillip Donnelly said...

Hope you're enjoying the DELTA, or perhaps there's a better word than enjoy.
As for the Irish bars, I prefer to stay from them. Bloody Irish-can't stand them!

ianbpaul said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement re the DELTA, I have finished the course now. All that remains is the exam in December in Bangkok and the extended assignment. It is due the same day (note the anaphoric referencing), but I may defer that until next June, about half the class (exophoric reference) are going to do that (ellipsis). Arrrgh - I've been deltarised!