Monday, 17 November 2008

A poem about Thai shoppers

What did you do at the weekend?

A high percentage tell me shopping
Used to think they only knew one verb
Ten years now of watching them; No! It’s what they really mean
Britons branded shopkeepers: the Thai are happier cast as shopper
Bangkok: city of traffic, face and shopping malls
Working Monday until Friday, only reason – spending power
Counting down to opening time, Friday evening forsake the tower
End of week now shopping calls
Central, Robinson and Paragon, venues for the weekend dash
Not for Thailand dreams of Rio or of Disney’s waking dreams
Marks and Spencer, Burberry and Harrod’s: these are prized as destination
Frigid temples to promotion, sale and bargain
High priests Bulgari and Armani, to worship at the cashier’s altar
descends the weekend shopping army
Credit card, debit card and store card, yet others proffer crinkly cash
What did you do at the weekend?


derek said...
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derek said...

Mmm. Is 'shopping'a verb? I think you'll find it's a gerund. What are they teaching you on the DELTA? You should have done the Trinity.