Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Which Social Networking site to use?

After careful consideration I have decided to stop updating my Hi5 profile, I shall display a link to both Facebook and LinkedIn in it and leave it.
I believe that Facebook has won the most subscribers and has the greater functionality; that said I think LinkedIn will be of most use throughout a person's life, I have already received a serious job offer through the site.


tropicalrob said...

Hi Ian,

I must admit that since they removed Scrabulous I hardly ever visit my Facebook. My initial enthusiasm for the site has tempered down to something more akin to apathy now.

I prefer this blogging, as it's much more focussed

Bangkok.Ian said...

Hi Rob,

I too mourn the passing of scabulous; it was quite addictive though so I'm probably saving time. I'm new to blogging but I quite like it so far. I'll keep you posted (pun fully intended).
I really like your new bike by the way, I have a thing about yellow, three of my cars have been yellow. I wanted a yellow car in Thailand so I could find it in a car park full of metallic sameness, however, my wife won and we have a metallic blue one, at least it's not bronze.